Why cant I see / purchase the tickets to visit the wolves?

Wolf Watch is a private members organisation and we provide our members with the opportunity to come to the centre and to visit the wolves on one of our pre-arranged “members days”. There is no limit age limit to membership, although due to restrictions from our insurer children under 16 years are not allowed to visit the centre. Only members and their guests are permitted to visit the centre (as we are not open to the public). A guest pass allows non-members to visit in the company of a current member. Each member is allowed to bring a maximum of 2 additional guests per visit.

Membership provides access to the “members shop” and allows you to purchase / select the amount of passes required to visit. Have a look at the events page where we have a list of scheduled members visits and further information (mostly Sundays). Just send me a quick email advising the one you wish to book on and I will reserve you the places. The sanctuary is located in Shropshire, we will send out directions after you have become a member / purchased tickets to visit.


The members visit pass cost is £30 and the guest pass(es) are £35 each

What does membership include?

By becoming a member of Wolf Watch UK via the “Adopt a Wolf” scheme each individual receives:

Access to the members area via a password

This includes downloadable high quality images in various formats.

Exclusive news, articles, videos and updates on our blog.

The opportunity to purchase tickets to visit the wolves, (minimum age for visitors is 16 years old).

Discounted rate for the onsite holiday cottage.

Downloadable Audio clips (coming soon)

How do I contact Wolf Watch UK?

Please see the contact us page of this website

Why is there no address on display?

We are a private members organisation and not a zoo attraction, and kindly ask all members and guests who have visited the centre to refrain from disclosing our location to the public out of concern for protecting our wolves.

How do I visit the centre?

Tickets can be purchased at any time during the period (one year) that the membership is current, and are located in the “members area” shop

There is no limit to the amount of times a member can visit the centre over their membership period, all we require is a ticket be purchased via the online shop, scheduled visits can be found on the events section of this website, please advise us of your preferred date at time of booking. We permit members to bring a maximum of 2 additional guest per visit.

If you have children under the age of 16 years please contact us before booking. Unfortunately we cannot permit visitors to bring their own pet dogs onto site due to potential health risks to the wolves.

How do I join Wolf Watch UK?

Membership is via the Adopt a Wolf scheme. Please visit the shop, and adopt your wolf in order to gain access to our members area exclusives.