6 thoughts on “Anja – lunch time!”

  1. Hi tony had a wonderful time with you and the wolves the weekend will be back when the weather is a little warmer also your house is amazing you have made a wonderful transformation of a Tudor room looking forward to my next visit

  2. Can’t wait to come and visit on Sunday 15th April 2018
    For my birthday
    My sister got me a pass for me and guest and also adopted a wolf for a year for me.

  3. Anja is absolutely adorable and very gentle when I fed her. My cats are not as well behaved as this beautiful and very intelligent wolf-lady like. I cant wait to feed you again my gorgeous girl. Until then, stay safe!xxxx
    Lots of love,
    one of your mommies,
    Carmen Cardashian

  4. My Husband gifted me an adoption of Anja , I cried she is so beautiful, thank you so much for what you so unselfishly do for Wolves, without them the eco system would surely collapse.They are my favourite Wild animal and of course I have multiple dogs. Please tell me if I can donate a monthly amount to help you, I dont have much but would be gkad to give what I can.
    I have filled in my details below.

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