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Work continues on Kgosi Lodge

Work is now well underway on our new lodge, with pipework being laid and the first bricks placed, you can see here the initial footprint of the building is taking shape. We will keep you posted over the next few weeks, on how we are getting along with the exciting new development – for now […]

11 September 2019

Kgosi Lodge update – Work Commences and Foundations Laid

We are pleased to announce that work has commenced on the new Kgosi Lodge. Our builders were on site at 6.30am, and after removing our gates to allow the massive 6 wheeler to get through the foundation’s were dug and 30 metres of concrete laid.

25 July 2019

Extract from a new book, Forest – Walking Among Trees by Matt Collins

We’ve recently been informed that a new book, Forest – Walking Among Trees, written by Matt Collins includes a mention of Wolf Watch, and Tony. If you are interested check out the book.

18 June 2019