Kgosi – 16/4/99 to 23/5/17

Dear Members and Friends,

I have the saddest news, but also in a way I am trying to feel positive about it.

Yesterday afternoon. we lost Kgosi.

He appeared to have been drinking from the shallow part of the stream when he collapsed and died.

A stroke in 2015 had left Kgosi both blind and deaf.

Following treatment from our brilliant vet Lloyd Jones and aftercare by ourselves, Kgosi’s determination to live won the day to regain physical fitness and in addition, hold together the dignity and respect entirely suited to his unique character, that of a dominant, intelligent and magnificent male Wolf.

Equal to the surprise of his recovery was the role undertaken by his sister Madadh who recognised her brother’s disabilities and took it upon herself to act as a ‘Guide Dog.’

She assisted him around their enclosure for a period of some six months until familiarity was restored and with the use of scent he regained his independence.

At the age of 18 years he was one of the oldest Wolves in existence and therefore it was not difficult to recognise that age had finally caught up with him.

Having originated from Port Lyme zoo in Kent, he and his sister were part of an unplanned litter of Canadian Wolves and the Zoo had put a great deal of effort into finding a good alternative home for them.

Arriving here at eight days old the pair slept with me in a sleeping bag on the kitchen floor for the first two months of their life. Bottle feeding them every two hours was both a rewarding and exhausting experience.

In the eighteen years that followed it is impossible to recollect the memories of pleasure and sometimes pain that both animals have taken part in.

There are so many stories.

The certainty rising above all else though, is the Privilege it has been to have played a part in their lives.

Our priority now is to take care of Madadh, old age is apparent and some illness has also taken its toll.

She has shared an enclosure with Kgosi for 18 years plus and it is not difficult to equate her situation with events that have occurred in our own lives.

It is also an appropriate time to thank everyone who has adopted Kgosi over the years. Your help has supported the existence of Wolf Watch UK and the animals we have kept here.

In particular, those who have been able to visit us will share in the sadness of this occasion as anyone who has met Kgosi will have been positively and often spiritually affected by the experience.

Thank You!


Wolf Watch UK.

17 thoughts on “Kgosi – 16/4/99 to 23/5/17”

  1. Dear Tony & all at Wolf Watch
    I am so very, very sorry to hear the sad news at the loss of your wonderful wolf Kgosi, I cannot imagine the sadness and grief you all must be feeling along with how his beautiful sister Madadh is at the loss of her beloved brother.
    I had the greatest of honours to meet and walk with these 2 amazing wolves when staying in your cottage over the Easter weekend and to see their incredibly beautiful safe haven, that you created for them Tony, it was truly such an unforgettable experience and one I will never forget.
    My heartfelt thoughts are with you at this very sad time and I too feel very sad/emotional whilst writing this as no words can express the pain you must all be feeling.
    I am so very pleased I had the opportunity to meet Kgosi, your beautiful, bold & brave boy

    Kindest regards
    Joan x

  2. Dear Tony and all Wolf Watch volunteers .
    I am so saddened to hear about the passing of Kgosi .
    He has passed over the rainbow bridge to no pain .
    With so many memories of both Kgosi and Madadh on all my visits to you with myself , kids and girlfriend , my thoughts are with you and the team at this sad time .
    Look after the old lady of the pack and we will see you in June .
    With thoughts and regards .

  3. Dear Tony and All your Fabulous team
    I am so saddened to hear about the passing of Kgosi. He was a beautiful and majestic wolf and a huge testiment to the love and care that you bestowed upon him. The valley and wolf centre is such an amazing place for these wolves to live out their lives in as close to nature as is possible in this country.
    Poor Madadh is going to be broken hearted too.
    I was very privileged to meet him and Madadh in February, and as you said he positively affected me and all the people that he met. He just seemed to know where to be, to get amongst everyone and touch everyones hearts. I will never forget being washed by him and then by Madadh too!! Wonderful memories of a beautiful wolf.
    Kgosi rest in peace watch over Madadh. Run free with Pepe in the wolf spirit world, watch over the pack and know that you have and always will be loved and never ever forgotten.
    My thoughts are with you Tony and your wonderful team. You’ve done so much for Kgosi and all of the wolves. Know that you will have the support of everyone around you and all of Wolf Watch members.
    With love Anita & Tony

  4. To Tony and everyone involved.

    We are so sad to hear this news especially after all the years we have been coming and experiences we have had the 4 times we have visited. We could especially see the love and care that Tony has given to the these lovely animals. We know it must be very tough for everyone to lose him as they become part of the family. At least you know he had the best life he could of had with Tony.

    Sending our love and thoughts to you all.

    Gemma and James Wigley

  5. Dear Tony and the Wolf watch team,

    We are so sad to hear that Kgosi has passed away. Our autistic son has adopted Kgosi for the past few years and was looking forward to seeing him again in July. Kgosi will be missed very much by us all . Thank for taking such good care of all the wolves.
    Best wishes

  6. My Heyway,
    My arms would wrap around you today to offer comfort to your broken heart. In particular now I am concerned for Maddy without her brother. I am sure you will watch over her and comfort her too. Kgosi was a magnificent creature, a great ambassador for the wolf society and a privilege to have met. He will always be held in the highest regard as a very special animal indeed. I am sure your loss and grief is profound, as it is for us all. Much love. Will come and see you and Maddy soon. xx

  7. Oh Tony and team. So very sorry to hear of the sad loss of the magnificent Kgosi , what a special boy he was, Brian and I have shed many tears for him this morning , but are proud and feel privileged to have met such a wonderful wolf .our hearts go out to you all and especially Maddah his beautiful loyal sister, thinking of you at this sad time with love , Lyn Ellis and Brian Lloyd , Run free over the bridge beautiful Kgosi xxxxx

  8. go run free kosgi and be with luna and pepe you have given me years of pleasure adopting you.
    The world will be a sadder place without you
    all my love

  9. My wife Elissa and i had the pleasure of being in Kgosi and Madadhs company recently,and it was a wonderful experiance being so close to these beautiful amimals.We stayed in the cottage on the grounds,and could hear the howling of the wolves,which gave you goose bumps all over.I have never seen my wife smile so much,because she could get up close and personal with Kgosi and Madadh.Fly free Kgosi.Tony please keep up the good work looking after the rest of your pack.I have no doubt my wife and i will be down to see you very soon.

  10. How can I start to say how sorry I am to hear the saddest of all news that Kgosi is no longer with you. My heart goes out to all of you and I can only imagine the huge hole he leaves in your hearts. I feel for dear sweet Madadh too and worry how she will cope. Kgosi was the most magnificent of all the wolves at Wolfwatch and the wonderful memories of the trust and affection he has shown me over the years will live on forever. He will be so terribly missed by all who have had the privilege to meet him, but for you Tony, I feel your loss the greatest. Thank you for giving him such an incredible life.
    Run free forever without pain Kgosi, I know you will continue to watch over your sister.

  11. Tony and all at Wolf watch,
    Sorry to hear of the sad loss of the magnificent Kgosi. He had a long and I would think a happy life with Madadh under your tender care. To have contact with such a wonderful animal is something I will always remember.
    I worry now for Madadh. Please give her a cuddle from me.
    Love Cis

  12. Dear Tony and team,
    I have just read the sad news about the loss of Kgosi and am heartbroken for all of you and Madadh. Thank you for taking care of him over the last 18 years and allowing us all to play a part in his life, without you this would not have been possible. I have loved adopting him over many years and have the pleasure of visiting with you all on a couple of occasions. You really are a special person who has brought us much joy through your selfless love of wolves and I know you will carry on giving this love to Madadh and your other wolves. My daughter and I are with you throughout your heartache , with love and sympathy, Dorothy xx

  13. I am saddened to hear that Pepe and Kgosi have both recently left us. At least they are together and not suffering.

  14. Dear Tony and team, so sorry to hear of kgosi’s passing so sad i know you will be heartbroken, our thought’s are with you Mark and Manal

  15. Dear Tony and Helen
    I have been terribly busy over the past 2 weeks so have not visited your website.
    I have just learnt about Kgosi. I am terribly sorry. It is amazing that he lived until 18. His longevity must reflect the incredible way you care and interact with wolves and understand their requirements.
    I am very sad and it feels as if something has punched me in the heart. I have never met you or your beautiful wolves, yet I feel a strange affinity for the entire set-up; yourselves and these exceptional animals.
    I cannot explain it but every time I learn of the loss of wolves either en mass in the wild or individually, like those at Wolf Watch or the UKWCT, I feel sickened inside.
    I need to know what will become of Madadh, as there must have been such intense co-dependency between her and her sibling. Will she remain within her compound alone?
    I assume introducing her to the pack is not an option at this stage. I cannot bare to think about it. Poor old girl.
    Please let me know your plans. I will be visiting in September, and pray that Madadh will still be with you and that her grief will not hasten the inevitability of her passing.

    All very best wishes

    Sally Bodecott

  16. Still thinking of you all,
    I know how hard it still must be!! “Hugs” for all.

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