3 thoughts on “Meet Our Wolves – Callow”

  1. I have met wolves all my life in my dreams since I was a very little girl, and they still come to me in my dreams in my adult life!
    Last December I was back in North Italy to visit my family for Xmas, and visited a Wolves Conservation Centre in Entracque, in the Alps.
    We were just a very small group of people in December and during our 2 hours walk two of the wolves came to us, and I will never forget them and the way we looked each other’s eyes.
    Alberto and Ormea were their names.
    Today is my birthday and this morning the last of the present I opened was a Wolf Watch UK membership along with a Member pass and a Guest pass and a beautiful picture with information on Callow the wolf my husband has chosen for me to adopt!
    I can’t wait to come and visit her land in Shropshire and I hope I will be able to meet her!
    Manuela-Leamington Spa

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