6 thoughts on “Meet Our Wolves – Madadh”

  1. You’re work is priceless..thank you for doing what you do .wish we could introduce them to the UK. It’s My dream to work with wolves. Xx

  2. Thank you for a very special day yesterday Tony. Meeting Madadh and the rest of the wolves was pretty amazing. Keep up the fantastic work. My wife and I will be back in the near future.

  3. What a sensitive and considered comment.
    I have walked with wolves at the UKWCT but this environment is superior in every respect.
    I hope one day I will get the chance to see Madadh close to. She’s a grand old girl. I am so pleased she still walks this earth in spite of cancer scares last year. I would be terribly upset if she passed away soon, even though I have never met her. I do hope she is free of pain. What an amazing age to reach, reflecting the care and love you must have bestowed on this beautiful animal.
    I feel part of these wonderful creatures and hope the extraordinary work of WW continues for many years into the future, growing and becoming enriched by a continuum of new arrivals.

  4. I really appreciate the work you are doing. Madadh seems such a great old lady. I hope she is doing ok following the loss of Kgosi. It would be so amazing to bring the big predators back into the wild ….but at the moment that dream seems miles away. As a species we continue destroying predators. We have made life so safe we can be half asleep. In Africa I slept under the stars with a pack of humans in wilderness and realise how much more awake and alive I felt in my true and humble place as a human in a tribe sharing the wild with large and potentially dangerous animals. When I returned to Scotland the barren hills devoid of forests and without wolves sadden me greatly. I feel their absence.
    I was really shocked to discover that the biomass of wild land based mammals in the world, in relation to humans, domestic pets and farmed herds is a pathetic 3% .

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