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Anja – lunch time!

She is unbelievably gentle when taking food.

26 June 2017

The Guardian Article Wolves are crucial for maintaining a healthy ecosystem — a fact that was conveniently forgotten when they were exterminated from almost all of the continental United States by ranchers, farmers, trappers and hunters. Meanwhile, the populations of other animals exploded. The entire ecosystem of the American wilderness was changed by rapidly expanding populations of […]

26 June 2017

Kgosi – 16/4/99 to 23/5/17

Dear Members and Friends, I have the saddest news, but also in a way I am trying to feel positive about it. Yesterday afternoon. we lost Kgosi. He appeared to have been drinking from the shallow part of the stream when he collapsed and died. A stroke in 2015 had left Kgosi both blind and deaf. […]

24 May 2017

Happy Birthday To The Norwegian Siblings!

As some of our members maybe aware it was Anja’s Birthday on the 27th of April. We would like to wish her brother and sister (Romulus and Inge) from Paradise Wildlife Park a very Happy Birthday too.

27 April 2017

Springtime visitor

Here #wolfwatchuk is on #ANIMALRESCUE after a very young #roedeer ran down the drive and slipped on the bend! It recovered well and Tony has released it back into the wild (away from any hungry wolves of course!).

18 April 2017

Happy Easter

Happy Easter from all at Wolf Watch UK Thank you to all our members for your on going support. Anja wondering if Tony has anymore sardines!

15 April 2017

Pepe – 04/03/2009 to 01/04/2017

It is with the deepest of regret and a heavy heart we have to announce that Pepe passed away on Saturday 1st April 2017. We informed Pepe’s “adoptors” last evening about the sad news before making this general announcement to all our members. We had high hopes that he was making a recovery from the […]

3 April 2017

New Pack Members – Welcome Rickon and Sansa!

Now that TV the program “Inside Out – West Midlands” has aired on BBC, Wolf Watch UK can finally announce the arrival of our two new pack members Rickon and Sansa. Brother and sister like their namesakes from Game of Thrones who both had Dire Wolves in the hit TV series. They arrived in the […]

31 March 2017

Pepe Health Scare

We’ve had a tough time at Wolf Watch over the past few weeks. Pepe gave us a bit of a scare, he developed a large swelling on his throat and stopped eating. The initial prognosis from the vet was not good and we feared the worse. He has suffered a lot of muscle wastage and […]

19 March 2017