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Photographing the Wild Wolves of Yellowstone | National Geographic

A interesting piece by National Geographic and photographer Ronan Donovan. Hear him describe the challenge of photographing one of Yellowstone National Park’s most elusive and iconic species: wolves!

1 October 2016

Wolf Watch Ink!

Earlier this month Wolf Watch UK welcomed back one of our long standing supporters Tom Williams, when he visited The Centre to introduce his guest and new membership recruit Jan Jones to his adopted wolf Pepe, and the rest of the Wolf Watch pack. Tom has been a member for almost 7 years and received […]

21 September 2016

Anja’s New Observation Point

Work has begun on creating a new observation point. We are planning on siting a cabin on an elevated platform overlooking the pond and what will be Anja’s new enclosure. Hopefully this space will become useful as a classroom for educational visits and provide a new all weather vantage point for visiting members and our […]

3 September 2016

The reintroduction of wolves in Yellowstone national park

Wolves are ecosystem engineers that play an important role in the habitats they live in by improving the environment and helping to increase biodiversity. Join us as Wolf Watch UK takes you on a journey through George Monbiot’s TED talk about how the reintroduction of wolves in Yellowstone national park had a balancing effect on […]

8 August 2016

The Den

We were privileged enough to see one of our wolves create a new den recently, here is Madadh enjoying her den.

27 June 2016

On the hillside with Madadh

We got up close and personal with Madadh when she was patrolling the hillside

27 June 2016