Pepe Health Scare

We’ve had a tough time at Wolf Watch over the past few weeks. Pepe gave us a bit of a scare, he developed a large swelling on his throat and stopped eating. The initial prognosis from the vet was not good and we feared the worse. He has suffered a lot of muscle wastage and became unsteady on his feet.¬†Tony spent lots of time with Pepe encouraging him to eat, by hand feeding him his favourite sardines. The signs became a little more encouraging and we called the vet out again and further investigations determined that the swelling was an abscess and nothing more sinister. A course of strong antibiotics was proscribed and we are pleased to report that there has been significant improvement in his appetite and we are hopeful that this is the start of him retuning to the Pepe that we all know and love.



10 thoughts on “Pepe Health Scare”

  1. Oh that’s great news that he’s on the mend, I hope. X Love to him and Tony .

    Gemma wigley x

  2. Thank goodness for that, I had my heart in my mouth then for a second!!
    All the best
    Victoria & Tilly xx

  3. Oh that was scary news! So glad that it’s not serious. Pepe is such a beautiful Wolf. I felt so privileged to meet him in February.
    Tony works so hard for the welfare of all of the wolves. I’m sure he was very worried, but also relieved to find out it wasn’t as serious as first thought.
    I wish Pepe well and a speedy recovery.

  4. So glad he is getting better ,Carol and I met him when we came with Helen .You give so much to these wonderful animals .Pepe is the wolf I sponsored for Shawlands school and Helen sponsored for me ,I will let the school know how he is doing Xxxxx

  5. Poor Pepe my adopted wolf. Thanks Tony for looking after him so well and very relieved he is now recovering. Hugs for both of you xx

  6. That’s interesting Tony! I had exactly the same thing with one of our Huskies a few years ago. It turned out to have been caused by a piece of wood that had got driven into his neck. We also feared the worst and although it was a messy business fixing it, he made a full recovery.

  7. so very sorry to hear that our lovely wolf pepe has passed away – thank you for letting us adoptees know before it was made public – our thoughts are with tony and all who care for these lovely creatures
    nicky x

  8. I’ve just found out that Pepe has passed on and just wanted to express my condolences. He was a beautiful fellow and I’m glad he had human carers who truly cared for him.
    I adopted him August last year and am a bit shocked that he’s gone.

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