Pepe – 04/03/2009 to 01/04/2017

It is with the deepest of regret and a heavy heart we have to announce that Pepe passed away on Saturday 1st April 2017.

We informed Pepe’s “adoptors” last evening about the sad news before making this general announcement to all our members. We had high hopes that he was making a recovery from the illness that we had announced a few weeks ago, regrettably this was not the case and he had a sudden relapse and died on Saturday.

Pepe has spent nine years with us at Wolf Watch and had the best care and attention that we could provide, and we feel certain that he enjoyed his life with us. We will miss him dearly and so will his long term partner Callow who is already missing him and exhibiting similar behaviour to that we have seen before in these circumstances. As with all the wolves Pepe had his own favourite place to lay down in his enclosure to sunbathe and snooze and as if in a state of mourning Callow is now spending much of her time laying in Pepe’s spot. Pepe has been buried overlooking the valley and in the sight of his friends.

We would like to dedicate the BBC “Inside Out” programme screened on 31st March 2017 to Pepe’s memory, as this is the last footage taken of him enjoying daily life with Callow, and our latest additions Sansa and Rickon.

Pepe – 04/03/2009 to 01/04/2017pepe11

24 thoughts on “Pepe – 04/03/2009 to 01/04/2017”

    1. Very sorry! We really enjoyed our visit to Wolf Watch with Toni Shelbourne. Liked the Inside Out programme too

  1. So sorry. Pepe was beautiful. What a wonderful work you do for these beautiful creatures. Thank you.

  2. We send our deepest sympathy to you all. We were lucky enough to meet Pepe on our first visit to Wolfwatch last year. He was such a handsome wolf and it was a privilege to spend time with him. We are thinking of poor Callow at this sad time. Pepe was very lucky to have such a wonderful life with you all. Susan and Stuart Blamire x

  3. I am sure he had a wonderful life with you. I know how much of your time you have dedicated to these wonderful animals. R.I.P.

  4. Such sad news, losing a pet is hard enough but seeing these magnificent creatures that share your life, pass on must be devasting. Thinking of you all, RIP Pepe x

  5. I am so sorry to hear of your very sad loss, my heart truly goes out to you all.
    You gave Pepe a wonderful home and he will no doubt always live on in your hearts.

  6. I am so sorry for your loss, having met some of these wonderful animals I know how they touch our hearts.

  7. I’m very sorry for your loss, thinking of you all, It was a pleasure to meet Pepe when we visited last year, he was lucky to have you all caring so deeply for him and all the other beautiful wolves, rest in peace beautiful boy xx

  8. So sad to hear this news. He has a lovely resting place and his final years were spent in the most amazing home. So sorry for your loss xxx

  9. Gone not forgotten, so proud to have had the opportunity to be an adopter. Safe journey over Rainbow Bridge my friend

  10. So sorry for your loss of dear Pepe Tony you must be devastated, thank you for giving him the best quality of life he could have, sending love and hugs at this sad time xx

  11. I’m so sad to hear that poor Pepe has passed away. He was such a beautiful wolf. I met him on my first visit to Wolf Watch this February 2017. He and Callow amused us as they both checked out some meat that Tony had given to them. I am in no doubt that Pepe had a wondeful life at Wolf Watch and with Callow. Poor Callow will miss him. So too will I.
    Rest in peace Pepe and may your spirit watch over the rest of the pack.
    My thoughts go out to Tony and all the volunteers at Wolf Watch.

  12. So sorry for the loss, only a couple days before Pepe’s passing did I gift adopt him for my gf and was planning to visit him soon

  13. I am so sad to read this news. I have adopted Callow and I really feel for her. She must be missing her mate.

  14. So sorry we know how much these wonderful animals mean to you all lots of love Jean and Carol

  15. I’m so sad and sorry for your loss, I had hoped to adopt him after seeing the programme he really stood out to me, I think what you do is amazing and I’m hoping to join and adopt soon, my thoughts are with you all and poor callow x

  16. We had the pleasure of meeting Pepe on 19th March this year. So sorry to hear of his passing. He was beautiful and I take comfort in knowing he had spent his life in such a wonderful place.
    So sad for Callow xxx

  17. Such beautiful creatures. You should be very proud of the wonderful life you have given him and his friends and Callow. What a fabulous animal and so sad to hear of such news. You gave him a memories only he could have dreamt of before he met you. Thank you so much for all the hard work and dedication. We cannot wait to meet you all.
    Laura and luke sampson

  18. My heartfelt condolences to those left behind that Pepe had touched so deeply.
    I am saddened in my own world as well as all those that my sweet precious beautiful Elsa, touched with her smile. She was tragically taken from this world only 2 days before Pepe had passed. After reading that in a way made me feel she is not alone. All my love to all those that are angels now watching over us. Kiss kiss woof woof ….rip Elsa 3-30-17 Pepe 1-4-17

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