Thank You

Our most recent Wolf, Bosch, has made many new friends this year, mainly women, with a few male exceptions.

The incredible level of socialisation achieved by his previous owner is as good as any I’ve known in the 38 years of keeping rescued Wolves, which is a reminder that Wolf Watch has been around for a long time! 

Although Wolf Watch UK began by pure chance when visiting a zoo at the point of its closure, that which followed has led us down so many routes in both learning and social encounters that even with a vivid imagination it would have been hard to have predicted the outcome.

Highlights include meeting two of the worlds leading field biologists David Mech and Louigi Boitani and having the latter as a speaker at a Wolf Watch seminar.

Visiting Yellowstone at the time of the celebrated reintroduction of the Wolf to its famous park and speaking to two of the projects architects from the Wildlife and Fisheries Department.

Talking to the one and only Sir David Attenborough and subsequently receiving a letter from him wishing Wolf Watch a future success. Not forgetting the help given to us by Virginia Mc Kenna from Born Free.

Just a few of the many memorable occasions.

However, two other major factors that have been implicit in the continuation of our group must above all be mentioned. First the ongoing and changing team of people who have pooled inspiration, knowledge, expertise and physical help that has developed Wolf Watch over the years .

The key people who shared the vision of a Wolf Rescue Centre in this country at the beginning were Craig Ennis, Ian Spencer, Trish Thomas and my Good friend and neighbouring farmer, Mick Avery, who formed a team and made it happen.

Those who followed are many and it would be wrong to attempt a list, lest someone was missed out.

The current team are Caroline Elliott who looks after membership and some administration, Michelle Harvey who does the social media, Steve Darling the photographer, and Eva who organises the domestic situation and me who has the best task of all – Looking after the Wolves!

Volunteers, long and short term have also given their time freely in helping maintain the grounds and structures and play a big part towards our continuation.

The second major factor is Membership. Wolf Watch could never have developed without Membership. It has slowly grown over the years, still ‘consistent’ with a small group, but with a strong core of loyal supporters, who have been with us for many years.

By design we are small and to a certain extent, insular. We have tried to minimise commercialism in favour of enthusiasm, giving respect and good value to our membership. 

This brings me to the whole point of this message:-

It’s a THANK YOU to everyone who understands what we do and underpins it with support.

Wishing you a Happy Christmas and New Year.

Tony and the Wolf Watch Team

Wolf Watch UK

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