Membership Benefits

Adopt one of our wolves today to play your part in the rescue, welfare and conservation of this beautiful mammal. 

Join us and receive access to our exclusive member’s section. 

What does membership include? 

By becoming a member of Wolf Watch UK via the “Adopt a Wolf” scheme each individual receives: 

  • Access to the member’s area via a password 
  • Up to 4  downloadable high-quality images. 
  • Exclusive news, articles and videos. 
  •  The opportunity to purchase tickets to visit the Wolves and take a tour of Wolf Watch (minimum age for visitors is 16 years old)
  • Access to the online booking system to stay at Kgosi Lodge or the Holiday Cottage. 

Please note: due to previous covid restrictions we have a large backlog of people wanting to visit so you are unlikely to be able to visit Wolf Watch during the next 3 months. We have reduced the number of people on our day visits as our priority is to keep everyone safe so please bear with us.

(Our opening times for pre-arranged membership visits are normally alternate Sundays in each week, with a start time of 1pm.)