The Centre

Wolf Watch’s sanctuary has some of the largest natural enclosures for wolves in Europe that provides the wolves with an environment as close to their natural habitat as possible.  

As a conservation group we are conscious to minimise any impact that our activity has upon this wonderful area. Recent acquisition of further forest has given us the opportunity to use this for our Wolves and also allow other wildlife the freedom of remaining undisturbed in their natural habitat.

In addition, a herd of red deer graze the outside of the enclosures to preserve a balance to the flora in the landscape that is both essential for the wellbeing of its natural residents and aesthetically pleasing for all to see.

The valley itself was selected for its existing natural features of forest streams and a small lake all of which provided a home for an amazing abundance of wild animals. A variety of raptors, ravens, woodpeckers and wildfowl are regular sights around the Wolf Centre as are badgers, foxes, polecats and some of the rarer species of mammals such as the occasional Otter. 

Visitor Centre  

An attractive, historic stone barn has been converted to facilitate a small visitor centre with one section serving as a student residence for short term observational studies and on-site volunteer work. 

We also have a shop that features a range of unique wolf photography and a variety of other items.

All the proceeds from the shop go towards the upkeep of the animals in our care.

Our primary source of income is from our “ADOPT A WOLF MEMBERSHIP” and also donations.  So, if you would like to help support what we do, please consider checking out our ADOPT A WOLF MEMBERSHIP that gives you an opportunity to purchase a visitors pass for yourself and up to 2 guests.