Our Story

Nestled amidst the attractive countryside of the Welsh/Shropshire border, and situated in over 100 acres of lush woodland in a rolling valley, the Wolf Watch UK sanctuary provides a valuable conservation centre and sanctuary for displaced wolves. This beautiful valley was chosen to provide the wolves with a habitat as close to the wild as possible, while also providing a space for our team to nurture these magnificent animals that have been displaced from their homes.

Founded by Tony Haighway in 1993, the Wolf Watch UK sanctuary has been home to over 30 wolves, each of whom has enchanted our team with their unique personalities and their stunning coats. Unlike zoos our sanctuary does not rely on public ticket sales to care for our wolves, but rather, we depend on the generous donations of our members to continue caring for these beautiful animals.

Wolf Watch UK

Over the years we have taken in wolves displaced by zoo closures, excess breeding and dominance fights, taking them and providing them with a new home. We provide vast enclosures for the wolves to explore, with conditions matching their natural habitats as much as possible. Allowing the wolves to enjoy a large territory to explore and even hunt in.

At Wolf Watch we also believe in educating people about these magnificent creatures, which is why we allow members to visit on specific days, in small numbers, so they can see the animals they support with their donations. We also allow researchers and documentary crews to record and view the wolves here, whilst ensuring minimal distress to the animals.

If you would like to help us continue caring for these wolves you can become a member and adopt one of our amazing animals. Membership also allows you to book tickets to visit the sanctuary, allowing you to observe the wolves in person.