Suggested Donation: £5.00


Thank you for considering to support Wolf Watch beyond  normal membership.

Donations to us are mainly used in the following two ways.

Firstly we have a veterinary fund, this has the obvious use in respect of treating the Wolves in our care for illness or injuries. It also goes to help fund the process of bringing Wolves to the centre, veterinary, transport and quarantine if necessary.

The second use is maintenance and improvement of the centre. This relates to the upkeep of fencing and ground work. There are six enclosures, the largest being around 15 acres.

We have reached a point where many of the supporting poles need to be replaced so this has become our priority over the coming two years. 

Improvements to the centre relate the environment in which the Wolves are kept. In terms of size our enclosures are a mere postage stamp compared to a Wolf’s wild habitat, so our aim is to create the best natural and varied environment that we can in our given space.

We are currently extending Bosch and Anja’s enclosure so they will be able to see over their hilltop. This will give them an increased view of the valley for a distance of about 5 miles.

If you are interested in sponsoring a section of this new fencing your donation along with recognition on the fence line can be organised by contacting us through the information Wolf Watch email address – 

Once again……Thank You for you support. 

Tony Haighway

Founder of Wolf Watch UK