Anja arrived from Paradise Wildlife Park, Broxbourne in 2015. She is a lovely 3 year old European Wolf from Norway and had been involved in dominance skirmishes with her siblings who remained at the park.

Although having had a high degree of socialisation since the age of six weeks she still has a natural ‘flight’ instinct when approached by people who are unfamiliar and often appears to have a nervous disposition especially in adverse weather conditions.

Since her arrival she has settled down well in our quarantine enclosure on a hillside around an acre in size, and has plenty of cover from bushes and trees. Her new enclosure is going to be around 5 acres in size and includes a large pond as well as woodland and a grassy slope. This should be completed by Spring 2016 and hopefully, by then we will have also found a new partner for her.

An unusual feature of her diet at the park included daily titbits of tinned sardines! The practice involves the tapping of two sardine tines together until she decides to make an appearance. A cautious approach follows after which she gently takes the fishy morsels, licking the oily bits from your fingers before retreating to a more distant part of her territory. An interesting experience for the feeder!

Anja continues to become less nervous as the weeks go by and we look forward to her being moved to her new territory and resettling with another of her species.

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