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Bosch & Anja’s Extension

Unfortunately the extremely wet weather this summer has caused some delays with the extension to Bosch and Anja’s enclosure. Things are moving along slowly and we are hopeful that it will be finished soon and we will be able to share some video footage of them exploring their new area. Bosch and Anja have been […]

27 July 2023
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Bosch saying Hello to Caroline

Bosch sees Caroline again for the first time in a month! What a fabulous greeting Video was taken by Tony Haighway

11 April 2023
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Snow at Wolf Watch

It is snowing today and the Wolves are out enjoying themselves. Tap on Bosch’s nose to see the pictures taken by Tony.

18 January 2023
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Thank You

Our most recent Wolf, Bosch, has made many new friends this year, mainly women, with a few male exceptions. The incredible level of socialisation achieved by his previous owner is as good as any I’ve known in the 38 years of keeping rescued Wolves, which is a reminder that Wolf Watch has been around for […]

22 December 2022
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A Muddy Donation

Laura Potter one of our long time supporters took part in the Maldon Mud Race earlier in the year and very kindly donated the £80.00 that she raised to Wolf Watch UK. Thank you so much Laura your continued support is really appreciated.

1 December 2022
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Extended Enclosure

Having come across several obstacles while extending the enclosure for Bosch and Anja we come up with a plan B. We are moving the new extension to their current enclosure further down the hillside so they will have more flat space to enjoy. It will also be much nearer the house. Work has already started […]

1 November 2022
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Bosch Enjoying some Deer Bones

Deer bones are a new experience for Bosch but having investigated them thoroughly he then tucked in with relish and finished them in no time at all.

27 October 2022
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We are delighted to announce that 5 baby Deer have recently been born at Wolf Watch. This is a wonderful addition to our heard and we are looking forward to watching them flourish.

27 July 2022
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Summer Coats

Thankfully all of the Wolves are now sporting their summer coats which certainly helps in the hot weather. They  look very sleek and you are able to see the wonderful conformation of their bodies. Here are a few pictures of Bosch and Anja.

22 July 2022