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A Very Kind Donation

Wolf Watch recently received a very kind donation of £150.00 from Kevin Lindegaard. The money donated was raised from a classical music concert he organised – Peter and the Wolf played by pianist Allan Schiller and actor David Collins.  The picture is some of the people involved. Well Done and Thank You All Very Much […]

22 June 2022
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New Season

The new season is well underway and we have had some wonderful visit days. All of the Wolves have behaved impeccably (well most of the time anyway) and our visitors have enjoyed a couple of exceptionally warm days. The extension for Bosch and Anja’s enclosure is starting to take shape and this will allow them […]

11 May 2022
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Weather update from Wolf Watch

Well, it’s been an interesting few days. The storm wasn’t as bad as expected although at least a dozen more trees are now more horizontal than upright and a few more will shortly translate into firewood. The good news is that none of the fencing was damaged and the Wolves seemed to have taken little […]

20 February 2022
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“Rewilding / Reintroduction of wolves into Scotland” – Tony’s view

Dear BBC Wildlife Magazine, I write in response to your Article ‘A Land fit for Wolves’ June 19, 2019. As the founder of a privately owned single species rescue and education centre, Wolf Watch UK, I have kept Wolves in large natural enclosures on a continuous basis for almost thirty five years. Reintroducing the Wolf […]

12 June 2019